The treasure after 25 years!

Exactly 25 years ago was a proud 3 Class of Freja School finished their building – they had as part of their education built a solid little brick house with a grass roof. those days were buried a treasure of photographs and letters written by children and teacher. One Saturday in June 2010, 25 years after , met the class to dig the treasure up and revisit the small house that still stands good and solid, despite the fact that it has room playing children in all years – the house stands for in the large garden, where the 36 children in Alfehaven, Freya School kindergarten and nursery, playing every day. tax, or time capsule was found great pleasure – there was very little time to revisit the old pictures and read the old letters. Upon completion treasure was eaten, a good time and shared life stories and memories under the big trees in the school and the kindergarten garden. And the next day, and many years playing preschool children on the Lillebo.