30 Birthday 2012 #2

Have you eaten at NOMA? If not, then you have an alternative here, NOMA chef coming out and making dinner for us! There is also the opportunity to get behind the scenes and help in the kitchen.  Program:  Kl. 15, we start with “morning song” in the hall at. 15, then there is coffee and cake. airtight, as the spring and Christmas markets, made ??by parents in the school and Alfehaven. There will be more info on this in the near future. Until the evening dining there is entertainment for children of all ages and the young at heart. Nature & Outdoors (See: http://www.nafri.dk/index.php?id=95 ) come and create some magic hours where there is ample opportunity to join in and try fun challenges. If you get hungry before time, you can visit the organic sausage man that comes with Denmark’s best organic hot dogs or ice cream stand with organic ice cream from Skeeis. Kl. 18 are common photography. Gourmet food at. approx. 19, food is prepared by NOMA chef Victor Wagman. The menu will be published at a later date. The resources will be biodynamic and from NOMA’s incumbent supplier.